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Private and Semi-Private

You'll never always be motivated so you must always be disciplined.


Virtual Private & Semi-Private Pilates

You can now take Private and Semi-Private sessions from the comfort of your own home!

With a minimal investment in some small equipment, enjoy the incredible IBP staff and high quality, personalized instruction you've come to know and love--without the hassle of getting to the studio. We are experts at converting those large apparatus moves for you.

You're a snowbird? This is PERFECT for you. No need halt your progress just because you're away.


Our IBP monthly auto-pay memberships offer a simple and stress-free payment process. Gone are the worries about long-term enrollments and package tracking. Have to miss class? No biggie! You have 8 weeks to make up your missed session as long as you have given us 24-hours notice. Going away for an extended period of time? That's fine! Choose our convenient "hold" option. IBP allows one hold per calendar year ($30 fee).

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Virtual Private & Semi-Private Schedule

Move like you mean it.