Private/Semi-Private Classes

Pilates Classes That Revolve Around You

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Private & Semi-Private Pilates Classes

Each workout is designed and tailored specifically to the individual(s) needs and goals

Private classes

Purchased a la carte or in monthly packages. Private rate range is based on weekly frequency/commitment, quantity, and specific instructor.

A la carte
$60 - $100/per session

Package rate
$216 - $288/package of four

$432 - $576/package of eight

Owner rates
Available by request

Semi-private classes

Purchased in monthly packages of four classes. Rate range is based on weekly frequency/commitment and quantity.

$42 - $54/per student

$36 - $46/per student

$33 - $44/per student

$30 - $42/per student

$28 - $40/per student

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