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PREMIUM Pilates Program at Inner Balance

Choose your Pilates class mix and we'll schedule it. 

Inner Balance's PREMIUM program is the ideal choice for Pilates students committed to progression and whose schedules require consistency. You'll choose from reserved or pre-booked Private and Semi-Private classes, or pre-enroll in Small Group classes for a specific number of weeks (determined by term/session length). INTRO Pilates class is your first step. 

Private & Semi-Private Pilates Classes

Get a workout designed to meet your needs and tailored specifically to fit your individual lifestyle and goals. During private Pilates classes, you'll work one-on-one with a Pilates instructor; during semi-private Pilates classes, you and up to six other Pilates students will work with an instructor. 

Private Classes Cost: Available a la carte or in monthly packages. Rates based on class frequency, quantity and specific instructor.

  • A la carte: $60 - $100/per session
  • Package rates:
    $216 - $288/package of four
    $432 - $576/package of eight
  • Owner rates: Available by request

Semi-Private Classes Cost: Available in monthly packages of four classes. Actual per class rate is based on number of students. 

  • Duet: $42 - $54/per student
  • Triple: $36 - $46/per student
  • Quad: $33 - $44/per student
  • Quint: $30 - $42/per student
  • Sext: $28 - $40/per student
  • Owner rates: Available by request

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Small Group Pilates Classes

Discover the high-energy of a small group Pilates class, where you'll progress week-to-week with the same group of Pilates students. Never worry about having to find a spot because it's already reserved for you. 

Small group Pilates classes include:

  • Mat and small equipment
  • Mat and reformer combo
  • Reformer
  • Foam roller
  • Bosu
  • Stability ball
  • Other specialty classes

Cost: $23-$27/per class x the number of weeks in the session.

Ever-changing schedule? Need more flexibility? Check out our FLEX program

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