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Inner Balance on Demand

Your only limit is you.



Exclusive access to our entire video on demand library

Now you can access our Pilates videos any time - anywhere. An iBOD membership allows you to watch exclusive content on any device and get your Pilates workout in when it's convenient for you.

Check ins

iBOD annual and six month membership clients are offered complimentary twenty minute one on one virtual sessions throughout the year. 3 sessions are offered to those who sign up for the annual membership, and 1 session is provided for our six month membership. In the virtual check-in we will focus on your goals, which videos we recommend specifically for you, and answer any questions you may have along your pilates journey!

Exclusive Access to iBOD Content

With your iBOD membership, you'll gain access to exclusive Inner Balance content not shared anywhere else. New videos added weekly!

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6-Month Membership

Six Months VOD Access

  • $61/month
  • Saves you $5 monthly
  • 1 x 20 min virtual 1:1

Annual Membership

One Year VOD Access

  • $46/month
  • Saves you $20 monthly
  • 3 x 20 min virtual 1:1

Month to Month

Month-to-month VOD Access

  • $66/month
  • Cancel any time

Access to Great Content When You Want It

When you subscribe to Inner Balance Video on Demand, you can get the best Pilates workout no matter where you are. You have access to all of your IBP favorites. You can take them more often and get even better results!