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Meet Genevive

Genevieve DeRose is transforming Erie’s health and wellness landscape by delivering unparalleled fitness instruction to her clients. At the age of 22, Gen started her own Pilates studio, Inner Balance Pilates, which remains Erie’s first and only fully-equipped studio. Between her unwavering dedication to her clients, level of education, and 20+ years of experience in the industry, Gen is highly regarded in the Pilates world.

Gen’s keen sense of business acumen, combined with her passion for helping others, has made her Erie’s consummate Pilates specialist-meets-accountability partner. Beyond her studio life, Genevieve is a constant fixture in many mentoring circles including ATHENA Erie, CO.STARTERs, and TEDx.

A 2016 Athena PowerLink (APL) recipient, Gen strives to enhance the local entrepreneurial workforce by sharing her experiences as a pioneering female-business owner. Today, she is an active participant in ATHENA, serving as an APL panel coordinator, participating in the Advanced APL program, and mentoring other female leaders throughout the community.

In Gen’s 2017 TEDx talk: “So What’s A Girl Boss Anyway?” she outlines her journey into entrepreneurship. From her competitive edge as a child to her triumphs and tribulations starting Inner Balance Pilates, Gen underscores the significance of experiential learning.

In conjunction with APL and TEDx, Gen also serves on the planning and marketing boards as a trained facilitator for a local mentoring network, CO.STARTERS Erie. More recently, Genevieve was selected as one of 40 industry-leading professional women across North America to participate in the Dovetail Summit, a curated community of world-class female entrepreneurs.

Beyond Gen’s work at Inner Balance Pilates and her contributions to the entrepreneurial community, she enjoys spending time with her husband Tim and 8-year old son, Will. Between Gen’s guidance in the entrepreneurial community, fervent thirst for knowledge, and her dedication to her family, it’s clear she’s illumined the path for a brighter Erie.

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“Pilates programs like ours build strength all while re-balancing muscular development, increasing flexibility, and improving postural alignment. Adaptable for all, Pilates is an approach that leaves a person refreshed rather than exhausted.  I think that is part of its appeal.” Gen DeRose, Owner

So…What’s a GIRL BOSS anyway?


"Genevieve DeRose was practically born into business. At the ripe old age of 22, she set aside her two degrees and her corporate world aspirations to open up her own Pilates studio. 16 years later she continues to be a successful entrepreneur.

“So…What’s a GIRL BOSS anyway?” pulls from the experiences and moments in the life of a young female entrepreneur, exploring exactly what being a GIRL BOSS is to her--a new form of activism and feminism--and the factors involved in cultivating more GIRL BOSSES."

Genevieve DeRose was practically born into business. She has been a successful entrepreneur for over 15 years. At the ripe-ole age of 22, she ditched her aspirations of being an “international business mogul” and chose to open a Pilates studio, much to the chagrin of her degree-focused parents.

Reflection: Moments in the Life of a Girl Boss tells the tale of a young entrepreneur and the role that "moments" have played in her life. Life is made up of many moments. Snapshots. The moments we remember are the moments that define us. This talk hopes to encourage people--young people specifically--to see these moments, live these moments, reflect on these moments, and learn from these moments as they pursue their own paths."

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