The Importance of Posture

The Importance of Posture

Gen DeRose

Wednesday Oct 14th, 2020

Importance of Posture Blog

Let’s talk POSTURE...⁣

It creeps up on you slowly, and you never see it coming but you feel it.

Bad posture and "the hunch" is something people may not spend enough time thinking about. This may come as a shocker but there are exercises and stretches that you can do from home to help with your posture!

Did you know that Pilates can help?

The top photo shows this particular client’s natural position. I KNOW!! She’s on her computer for hours a day, so we know many people can relate to this above photo.

The bottom photo shows her extremely hard at work on gentle/minuscule adjustments as we attempt to improve her upper cross syndrome. ⁣These are the results that we love to see in our clients, and even more we love to see out clients hard work pay off.

This client is an interesting case. She is an advanced level student with a great deal of strength and flexibility. The issue is making sure she is firing the correct muscles. ⁣

Time yields the best results and postural changes take time!

Focused work is necessary for clients with specific needs. Are these sessions as much fun as her others?!?
Nah, but the relief of tension and regained postural strength is well worth it! ⁣

The great posture results speak for themselves, we want to make sure that you are keeping in the best shape possible during these times, even if we can help virtually! As long as you put in the effort you will see the results.

Higher and higher percentages of people develop this syndrome, mostly due to work these newer environment and habits.

IBP can teach you simple stretches and exercises to help combat that “hunch”. ⁣

Your neck will thank you for it!

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