Supplement, Don’t Substitute Your In-Studio Pilates Sessions

Supplement, Don’t Substitute Your In-Studio Pilates Sessions

Thursday Sep 13th, 2018

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So, you’re working out at home to save time and money, but now your motivation is also at an all-time low. But, who can blame you? Your kids need homework help, the dog needs a bath, and your significant other needs help preparing dinner. Yet again, the workout gets skipped. Before you know it, a few weeks have passed by and you haven’t touched your Pilates mat or resistance band.

In theory, a home workout seems idyllic: pull up YouTube, type in Pilates, and start working towards that flat stomach you’ve been dreaming of. You’re getting all the same perks, right? Not quite. Joining a workout group, such as a Pilates class, may be safer, more beneficial, and more motivating—especially if you are one of the 28% of Americans that are completely inactive.

No Workout Buddies

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Working out with other people makes a huge difference. When you work out solo, you’re missing out on the perks of accountability, increased motivation and support, and someone watching you for proper form.

When asked to complete a four-month training session, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine found that 76% of people who worked out alone, versus 95% of people who worked out with a friend, completed the task. Likewise, 66% of participants who worked out solo, versus 95% who worked out with a friend, were able to maintain their weight loss.

Plus, everything is more fun when you have a friend along for the ride, especially working out. In fact, a study from Michigan State University found that people who are exercising with a buddy work out for longer stretches and end up with better results.

Frankly, having emotional and physical support can be the most significant benefit to taking a workout class. Plus, it’s easier to get out of bed if you know you have a friend waiting to meet you at the studio (and if you don’t, we have a one on one private class with your name on it).

Lack of Accountability Partners

When you join a Pilates session or yoga class with a friend, there is a level of accountability that’s not present when you’re working out at home. When you make a commitment to be there, both financially and verbally, chances are, you’re going to show up. An accountability partner is someone that will help you reach your goals and keep you motivated. It can be anyone, including:

Based on statistics from the Association of Talent Development, when a person makes a goal but doesn’t tell anyone about it, there is only a 40% chance that he or she will complete it. Conversely, when people make an accountability appointment, there is a 95% chance the goal will be accomplished.

With that said, home workouts can be a smart supplement—but not a substitute—for studio workouts. This is especially true if your schedule gets packed or you’re traveling. Should you be practicing Pilates at home, be sure to ask your instructor about any videos he or she recommends. While following along with a YouTube video can help you supplement your in-studio practices, it’s important that you know which online trainers are posting safe workouts.

More Injuries

Without the proper expertise, you won’t know if your form is correct. In fact, most fitness accidents occur due to improper form. A few of the most common injuries that you could experience include:

  • ACL tear
  • Pulled muscle
  • Sprains
  • Strained back or shoulder
  • Tendonitis

The easiest ways to prevent an injury during a workout are to listen to your body, work with an instructor, and, above all, use the proper form. Because it takes multiple sessions to develop proper form, at-home workouts are not recommended for beginners.

Once you understand how to move into each pose correctly and make workout modifications for your body, only then should you practice Pilates at home. However, there are exceptions, such as beginner-level tutorials which may cover the foundational knowledge you need to stay safe during your workout.

Studios, such as Inner Balance Pilates, truly care about their clients, which is why we offer customized sessions based on your current physical ability and goals. This is also the reason why every student starts with a one-on-one introductory session.

Lack of Credentials

Whether you are working out at home with YouTube videos or in a studio, you should be aware of your instructor’s qualifications. Online fitness trainers can easily forge their credentials, recommend improper or poorly planned workout regiments, and cause injuries due to their lack of experience.

At Inner Balance Pilates, we take qualifications seriously. Our coaches have all been certified in STOTT PILATES®, and our studio has been in Erie for over 17 years.

Saving money by attempting to work out at home may cost you in the long run. In fact, research from the Lincoln Financial Group found that 78% of people on the “right track” with their career goals, workout at least once a week. Furthermore, a study published in the Journal of Labor Research discovered that people who exercise regularly earn about 9% more than their co-workers who do not.

With these two studies in mind, there’s strong evidence that physical and financial wellbeing mirror each other. This could also be caused by the fact that physical activity improves cognitive health throughout one’s life.

Get Motivated

Sign up for a one-on-one introductory session at Inner Balance Pilates. We’ll get you motivated to start taking your health and wellness goals head on. Our knowledgeable instructors will tailor a plan around your personal strengths and needs. You’re just one class away from a healthier you!

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