Stopping to be Grateful

Stopping to be Grateful

Gen DeRose

Wednesday Nov 11th, 2020

Stopping to be Grateful

This time of year seems to move at HYPER-speed.

Today was a day (typical) full of IBP organization, teaching, responding, managing...the list literally goes on & on & on & on.⁣ It was such a busy day but we all have them! The ones where you're getting stuff done but the to-do list doesn't look like it's coming any closer to being finished!

I had a strategy meeting set up this afternoon. Things seemed SUPER cray-cray at the studio. I had to contemplate what I was going to do next! It would’ve been easy to cancel. It would have been easy to ignore ALLLL of the things that sometimes keep me spinning (and paralyzed as well). ⁣

BUT...I didn’t. ⁣I didn't cancel.

I went to that meeting and I was far more surprised by myself than I have ever been! I was inspired, I was directed, and I was energized. I gained more and more clarity on my new project. Something I dragged myself to gave me so much more than I thought it would. Sometimes it just takes one hour to re-focus. One hour to “talk it out” (loud). One relationship that is capable of extracting magic. ⁣

I am definitely grateful. ⁣

This week of chaos became one of the most transformative weeks of my year. Why? Because I trusted my vulnerability with two very special individuals. Trusted someone other than myself to take the wheel! Something I never thought I would have done but I was so ready. ⁣

Again, I am grateful. ⁣

We ALL need those people in our lives...even those of us who “coach” and “lead” for a living. ⁣We need people in our lives who make us look at the world differently. The people who take us at our lowest and lead us to the path that elevates us to our best selves!

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