"Shoulders Back Y'all!"

"Shoulders Back Y'all!"

Gen DeRose

Wednesday Nov 18th, 2020

Shoulder Back IBPilates

"Shoulders back, y’all!"

How many times have you heard THAT line?! It's like a line straight out of a movie featuring any type of fitness class but does anyone really stop to look at what that really looks like?

But, what does that mean?⁣

No, it isn’t just dropping.⁣

No, it isn’t jamming them down nor back. ⁣

No, you shouldn’t pinch your mid-back. ⁣


There's so much more to it than just up and back or "pretty posture". When we teach Pilates we teach technique. We teach the perfect technique and we teach it in a detailed way. There is no broad shouting of "shoulder back" or "up straight!". Who can possibly perfect technique if you aren't teaching details?!


If I told you to take me to the nearest store but refused to tell you how to get there, where does that leave you? The answer? Lost! 

So Here's What "Shoulders Back" Really Means:


GENTLY (gently) roll the shoulder blades back and down around the curve of the ribcage. The simple addition of the ribcage helps so many students. The ribcage is curved, this the movement upon the structure must also follow a curve. ⁣Can you visualize it? Can you see the way your body needs to move in order to get the technique and posture correct?

IMAGERY—so crucial to cues. ⁣When you can see the imagery in your head, it makes it so much easier to not only complete but to remember! Your body begins to remember and flow with the movements you are teaching it! Muscle memory for the win! 


Try this method the next time someone tells you to "put your shoulders back!" or "drop your shoulders!" 


⁣If you're looking for more tips and tricks on proper technique or detailed learning check us out on Instagram @Innerbalancepilates 


Can't wait to see you!

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