Reformer Magic

Reformer Magic

Gen DeRose

Friday Nov 6th, 2020

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“She’s got legs....” pretty much pops into my head every time.

There's just something about that reformer magic that no one can shake off! I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who doesn’t enjoy putting their feet in the straps on the reformer.

We love all of our Pilates exercises but can you really beat a reformer workout? I dare you to try! The amount of muscle it takes to work the reformer compares to nothing else! Everyone loves it! From dancers to athletes to Pilates beginners.

The thing is... you won't know the feeling I'm talking about unless you try it! Unless you come to IBP's studio to try a reformer pilates exercise! The joy these workouts bring to everyone who tries it is immeasurable! We love to catch the faces of first-time reformer users!


It is something SO unique to Pilates. Even the strongest new student finds it challenging and new. ⁣

This exercise has it ALL goin’ on:⁣
Abdominal work✔️⁣ You're on the track to building that abdomen!
Coordination✔️⁣ Working on coordination with each and every push of a leg!
Flexibility✔️⁣ Testing your flexibility to the max and stretching you more than ever!
Strength✔️⁣ Challenging your leg and abdominal strength all at once!
Endurance✔️⁣ Training you to be better than the past you! You got this!

I could rave all day about what these perfect Pilates tools do for me but how can I show you? We have introduced Pilates on Demand! Pilates workouts from the comfort of your own home! We will show you all the workouts you love, that still challenge you!

There is no shortage of that! While we work our muscles on the reformer you can work yours from home!

Shall I go on? need to try it!⁣

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