Being Grateful for the People who Choose you!

Being Grateful for the People who Choose you!

Gen DeRose

Wednesday Oct 28th, 2020

Thankful Choose Us IBP

We all know it feels nice to be appreciated. When someone compliments you, especially as a small business, you know you are doing something right! All of your hard work is paying off!

The number of hours you put into your business, the struggles, and the tears are all worth it when someone sees your worth and why you strive to do what you do! If you ever feel like you're unsure, ask someone why they chose your business, what separates you from the rest. Anyone who loves you or your product will give you honest and much-needed feedback!

So ... I want to share this story of what took place at the studio!

Today I heard a former client and fellow businesswoman explain to the group why OUR studio is so amazing. ⁣(First of all, former clients that come back make me so happy!)

The topic of conversation was brought up when another businesswoman asked “Why would you try to compete when people can get things for free?” on the internet...

The internet is HUGE, yes but can we stop pretending like finding something on the internet is the same thing as having something explained to you or experiencing something in person? Especially this year above all we have felt what it means to have our In-person experiences taken for granted and have been told countless times how much people missed our in-person classes!

It was perfectly explained that NOTHING replaces human connection and contact. NOTHING can replace the experience and the personality of a brand that believes in their product. ⁣We love to show people what makes us different, why we strive to be different and most of all, why people should choose us!

So...I thank ALL of you who choose to follow us, take our classes, and become a part of our community! You are the best!

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